Voice Ethiopia was founded by a group of social entrepreneurs who felt the need for further advocacy of and support for the country of Ethiopia, particularly for select organizations who embrace innovation, understand the importance of properly educating youths and the next generation, and help those who need help most. The founders seek to use Voice Ethiopia as a platform to share the stories of these organizations and the individuals who make them the inspirations they are.

Established in 2013 in New York City, the idea for this project began with a trip to Ethiopia. After witnessing firsthand the daily challenges and struggles that citizens faced, it became clear that more needed to be done to support them in achieving their full potential. It was decided that a platform for awareness would be the most effective way to help the rest of the world better understand Ethiopia and its people, while at the same time showcasing organizations who work to meet critical humanitarian needs within the country.

Voice Ethiopia pursues its mission by connecting with a global audience to advocate for and generate support of Ethiopians, particularly through five organizations making huge strides in various areas.

Seeds of Africa

The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE)

Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association (FWFWCA)


Save the Children

Through powerful messaging, global interaction, and a grassroots approach, Voice Ethiopia hopes to connect its visitors with the both the struggles and success stories of Ethiopia in an effort to inspire others to make a difference by taking action and through further advocacy.